The Blank World

Emma could not believe what she saw in front of her. She looked up, she looked down… She looked everywhere: nothing. Everything was blank. The world seemed to have been paineted in a peaceful white.
Emma was a girl who lived in Texas. The day this happened was indeed, special. It was her birthday. That day, she had turned fourteen. Before ”the blank world thing” happened she had been enjoying herself a lot by dancing and other activities she found entertaining.
The girl was shocked. Unfortunately, she could not be very shoked because she was so tired from the dancing, that she could not scream too loud or do other things involving very loud sounds. She started exploring the white world, but in the same time, she started to like it. It it was peaceful an it was giving her a very dreamy mood.
After 2 months of living there, she realised that it was much better than the other world.(Un)fortunately, she suddenly saw something black. Right then, she woke up in the real world.
Later, she found out what happened : her brain nearly exploded from the dancing, and she had been in a coma.

The years passed. She was a successful business woman.
The only thing she could think of was the peaceful, white world.